The Official Journal of the European Union has published the final Novel Foods Regulation (Regulation 2015/2283) . The Regulation replaces a 1997 regulation with updated rules, matching the progresses made in the sector. It adds foods consisting of ‘engineered nanomaterials’ to the list of criterion to be considered for novel foods and therefore subjected to pre-market authorisation.

List of presentations from the dissemination workshop on 3rd of december 2015, held on Copenhagen K, Denmark, are published on

The Danish Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  has released the final report of the 'Better Control of Nanomaterials' initiative. The report is the result of four years of work on nanomaterials in consumer products, evaluating the risks they might pose to consumers and to the environment as well as an assessment of existing and future legislation for nanomaterials.


This workshop is a forum for nanotechnology researchers, industry, and regulators to present and discuss research findings on the use of innovative modelling and experimental approaches to support the risk assessment of nanomaterials, enabling the safe handling of nanomaterials and minimizing potentially associated impacts throughout product life cycle. Register here


In 2013, The Joint Research Center (JRC) started to develop a series of three scientific-technical reports based on evaluation of options to clarify the European Commision’s (EC) 2011 Recommendation on a definition of nanomaterials. Now they have published the third report entitled “Towards a review of the EC Recommendation for a definition of the term “nanomaterial”: Part 3: Scientific-technical evaluation of options to clarify the definition and to facilitate its implementation.”